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Acadoodle:  Video courses, articles on ECG and other medical topics.

Alan E. Lindsay ECG Learning Center ECG Imaging Index:  Diagrams, outlines, quizzes, and an extensive library of ECGs.

Cardiometry:  An open access e-journal with up-to-date articles and reports of scholarly research.

Cardiophile MD:   Extensive ECG and cardiology information 

Cardiovascular Pathology Index:      Pathology photos.  These are copyrighted, and can only be used for viewing by your students.  Very  instructive.  Especially recommend going to "Pathology" and "MI"

Dr. Amal Mattu:  ECG Case of the Week   Excellent presentations on various ECG topics every week archived on YouTube, at UMemergencymed. New cases recently moved to a subscription-only site, with a modest fee.
Dr. Mete Alpaslan:  Excellent site with many great ECGs. Some history of ECG also.

Dr. Jerry Jones:  Offers in-person, advanced ECG training at Medicus of Houston.  Publishes excellent articles on ECG topics for all levels on LinkedIn, using hashtag #ecgnerds.
Dr. Ken Grauer:  Extensive site with instruction, links to videos, and more.

Dr. Steven Lome:  Learn the Heart.   Good online FREE ECG course, archives, and other learning materials. 

Dr. Smith's ECG Blog:   "Instructive ECGs in a Clinical Context"  Extensive archives, instructive discussions, advanced students.
Dr. Stasinos Theodorou, Interventional Cardiologist, Limassol Cardiology Practice.  Great, informational site about all things cardiology.

ECG Course.    Free online ECG Course from Some of the most respected experts in the world. 
ECG Simulator.  This online simulaltor is very well designed and user-friendly. There is a free version at this address, with an opportunity to purchase an enhanced version.
ECG Wave-Maven:  World-famous self assessment program.
EMS 12-Lead:  Find links to blogs and other instructive information with an emergency medical services focus. 

Life In The Fast Lane:   Extensive ECG library, lots of instructional materials. All things emergency, not just ECG.

Nelson's EKG Site:  An educational site with free EKGs and lessons.

RebelEM:   Website, blog, podcast on the many topics of Emergency Medicine. Includes an ECG of the WEEK case.

University of Toledo Basic ECG Class Online:  Very well presented and easy to follow.  The Rhythm ID section at the end is copyrighted. Please use for your own knowledge or for your students.  Contact the University of Toledo for any other use.





History 1929

German surgeon Werner Forssmann (1904-1979) examined the inside of his own heart by threading a catheter into his arm vein and pushing it 20 inches and into his heart.

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