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Nonconducted atrial premature beat

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Jason's Blog: ECG Challenge for the months of July and August, 2014.

This is an ECG I performed a couple of years ago on an asymptomatic 83-year old man as an outpatient procedure. 

The computer interpreted this as:  "Marked sinus bradycardia [with] Frequent Premature ventricular complexes".  IS THE COMPUTER CORRECT?  Is there more than one plausible interpretation?  What is the differential diagnosis?

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Jason's Blog: ECG Challenge of the Week for June 10-17. Why did the ventricular rate abruptly decrease?

In the beginning years of the ECG Guru website, Jason Roediger, CCT, CRAT generously contributed a number of challenging ECGs, helping us get our website off the ground. While his schedule has prevented him from continuing his blog, we want to feature some of his blog posts on the front page from time to time, as they are very valuable.  Because of some changes in the website configuration, they don't all come up when you choose "Jason's Blog" on the shortcut links.  Unfortunately, Jason will not be able to personally respond to all comments.

From June 10, 2012:   As is the case with all practical blogs, I’m encouraging ECG Guru members to engage in active group participation.  Share your thoughts, observations, impressions, findings, and interpretations.  Feel free to compare notes with one another and pick each other’s brains.

Please post your comments and inquiries and I guarantee I'll respond to them in a timely manner as soon as they are received (usually within a few short hours).  All questions will be answered and the interpretation (accompanied by laddergram) will be revealed on Sunday, June 17 2012 at which time I will post a brand new Case of the Week. 

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